Lemon's pieces are elegantly simple, designed for everyday use and admiration. They evoke nostalgia and romance while staying true to the traditions of master craftsmen.

We hold a deep appreciation for all that is made by hand. The pieces in our collection are crafted to outlast us, remaining sturdy despite the telltale signs of use and affection.

Kevin Frankental

Our Philosophy on design

Lemon's foundation is shaped by our Creative Director, Kevin Frankental. With a love for design history, Kevin finds inspiration in historic design, film, and art. He is focused on discovering what renders a piece timeless.

"There is a tendency to think that things were always better 'before,' which is why I believe there is such a nostalgic yearning among people these days. This is not to say everything was better before but there are timeless classics in all fields that stand out.

At the moment, there is a pervasive sense of sameness in the world, whether in fashion, beauty, or design, to name a few. For us, there is no interest in looking at what is new for inspiration, as the end result will always be just another version of something already existing. 

Our process involves delving into the archives of historical design, film, art, fashion, or anything that sparks inspiration. It could be as simple as an old, beautiful photograph. Once we have our inspiration, the focus is on creating a piece that is a contemporary nod to the past. It has to be something useful and needed. Usually, it's about designing something for ourselves that we would love but can't find."

Working in collaboration with designers from Kevin’s native South Africa and beyond, each piece is designed to find its unique place.